Our Mission

“Then He went down to Nazareth with them... And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.” - Luke 2:51-52

The Vision for Nazaret

Our goal and mission is simple: happy kids in their own families. Our primary task is to work with the whole family. We cultivate relationships with parents, encouraging them toward responsible parenting, supporting them through difficult times, and helping them to better care for their kids. 

Nazaret is a place that is warm and welcoming, where children can spend their free time productively. We work with kids to help them succeed in school, including bringing in tutors to help with homework, and helping them buy books and supplies for school. At the center, kids have the opportunity to eat a hot meal, receive clothing, get access to medical care when they need it, learn life skills, get emotional and spiritual support, find true friendship and learn about God.

Our focus is to assist these children in becoming kind, godly, responsible, and impactful adults in the future. We encourage love for God and others, and encourage their interests, helping them to choose an occupation. 

Our work doesn’t just end at the meetings with Nazaret. We visit families at their homes, meet with parents, help find jobs, work with documents, sign up for programs, help with home renovation or other work to improve home conditions, and provide monthly food support to those who need it. We want to see the whole family grow and succeed.

We have been blessed already to see some of the children who have come through Nazaret grow up, now studying at university, and being wonderful, upstanding examples to those around them. Also, some of them are volunteering at Nazaret, helping younger children with homework, or assisting with activities and classes.

Our vision is that Nazaret is a place where children can “grow in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man,” breaking cycles of generational poverty, addiction, and abuse, and blessing those who will be loved and served by these children for generations to come.