Nazareth house believes that Education is the only way to bring change to the lives of people and society.

The purpose of this project is to save and transform the lives of lost and impoverished children in Faisalabad and throughout Pakistan. Nazareth House is a home for all those children who desperately need shelter, sustenance and hope.

Nazareth House is greatly concerned about the education of girls and young women. We firmly believe that education is the key to uplift families and society. It is obvious that where the mother has even a basic education, the children of that family will also be educated as far as possible.

We hereby would like to express heartfelt thanks for the vital support given to this venture by Rev. Fr. Ryan who initiated the whole undertaking and supported it in every way. We are grateful to Rev. Fr. Murphy who has been, and is, a constant loving champion of this cause and has always been a generous benefactor. Rev. Fr. Clohosey and Rev. Fr. Riedling have now given their support to this cause. We very much appreciate all the prayers, love and concern by the Rev Fathers and all of the good people who support Nazareth House.

We are thankful to all benefactors who generously support this humble cause. Our special thanks go to the small management group who keep everything going to save, protect and educate these less fortunate children.