About Us.

Nazareth House under the patronage of Saint Joseph is a charity that aims to share the love of God with orphans. It is a non-profit making organization whose primary aim is to help and look after orphaned children by giving them a chance to live normal and stable lives. Our goal is that no child in the community should be deprived of the care they need to grow into healthy and responsible adults who will make a positive contribution to society. We will provide general care for orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children in the community.
From 2007 since I started this project to work with Orphans in Faisalabad Pakistan. This is a mixed group of 41 children. A few of them are not Orphans but their families can neither afford food or education. Rest of them are orphans.
In the beginning I have placed them in different families who were looking after them and taking them to school. From the group of my friends Sohail Emmanual was one who continually visits to them in their homes and schools.
We are thankful to Rev. Fr. Gordon Ryan, Rev. Fr. Brian Murphy and all generous benefactors who have supported us to build an orphanage for them so that they can have a permanent base where they can be together and at the same time making it easier to take care of them and give them a faith. The whole purpose of our struggle is to save them so that they may not become street children.